Biography of HelperInfo

We are ordinary Indians who want to become responsible Indians

We are the best managers who are managing our homes with day to day struggle of Domestic services.

We are converting one Concrete wall into one habitat

“Yes we are the House wives”

“Yes we are the MOTHERS”

Now Time has come to provide Safety to them who are giving us Bunch of Joy & happiness

Helperinfo is Startup by House wives to solve one vital social problem

What are motives?

Enabling a Safe world for you

How we will enable the safe world for you>

Our main action point is “Help yourself to Help others”

Helperinfo provides one podium which socially connects to Helpers world. This platform gathers information for you, of your helpers & with your support. Our Efforts provide one ease to find your nearby Helpers on your Finger tips.

We want to remind everyone for our responsibility towards our society & towards our nation. We seek everyone voice towards the neglected concerns of domestic services which help us to provide a healthy surroundings.

Our initiative is a win-win condition for the Needful helpers who are struggling for Jobs & for common people who need trust worthy helpers.

What we don’t want to do?

Helperinfo don’t want to disgrace any helper


HelperInfo promote Honest, Sincere, hardworking & skillful helpers. Helperinfo provides accessibility to the helpers as and when required.

How this idea triggered ?

Negligence of the small crimes, which keep growing inside our ignorant Culture.

One Educated Software engineer, who is working in a big MNC fired his maid because he found some jewels is stolen by his maid & later Maid apologized. However, No police complaint have been done & Maid is blacklisted from his Residential apartment association. Later He came to know, the same maid is working in another residential apartment association & done one theft in one of the apartment. Then he realized that if he would have logged some complaint then he could have saved one crime.

This Software engineer is my Husband

Our busy culture enables this ignorance which eradicates our Moral Values & responsibilities towards social Society.

So Helperinfo strive hard to stop small crime to prevent Big.

Our team

We are working with a small passionate and aspiring team who will work for this social cause. However, we are growing day by day & hand in hand.

We have a Team of Volunteers Who will listen the complaints from you & as well as Helpers. These Volunteers are Highly officials & retired from Esteemed Ranks.

We show our best gratitude towards our Volunteers & seeks your support to add more in our Volunteer list.